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Need a Notary for Your Real Estate Documents?

Look for a Certified Loan Signing Agent

Real estate transactions involve critical documents that require precise notarization. In Indiana, these notaries, known as Certified Loan Signing Agents, play a crucial role.

They are not your typical general notary you see advertising. In Indiana, a general notary may not legally notarize real estate documents. Notaries that have advanced training as a Loan Signing Agent and are licensed through the Department of Insurance possess advanced training to handle real estate paperwork.

When you need a notary for your real estate needs in Indianapolis, Carmel, or Greenwood, choosing a Certified Loan Signing Agent like Express Notary Plus ensures your documents meet all Indiana legal requirements.

We are ready to assist you at your convenience, where ever you choose... your home, library, coffee shop, employer, etc. Trust the experts. Call Express Notary Plus 317.747.3025

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