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Quick Claim Deed - Is it Right for You?

Updated: Jan 5

An Indiana quick claim deed is a legal document used to transfer ownership or interest in real property from one party to another.

Unlike warranty deeds or grant deeds, which guarantee the quality of the title, a quick claim deed does not make any assurances about the title's quality. It merely conveys the grantor's (the person transferring the property) interest or rights in the property to the grantee (the person receiving the property).

The grantee takes the property subject to any limitations or encumbrances that may exist in the grantor's interest.

When and Why Are Quick Claim Deeds Used?

Quick claim deeds are commonly used in specific scenarios:

a) Family Transfers: quick claim deeds are frequently utilized to transfer property within a family. This can include a parent transferring property to a child, or between spouses.

b) Resolving Title Issues: Quick claim deeds are a valuable tool for clearing up title disputes or uncertainties. If questions exist about property ownership, a quick claim deed can help clarify and confirm the property's ownership.

c) Adding or Removing Co-Owners: When individuals want to change the ownership structure of a property, such as adding or removing co-owners, a quick claim deed facilitates this process.

d) Divorce Proceedings: During a divorce, one spouse may use a quick claim deed to transfer their interest in the marital property to the other spouse.

The Mechanism of Quick Claim Deeds

A typical quick claim deed contains the following elements:

The names of the grantor(s) and grantee(s).

A legal description of the property.

A statement indicating that the grantor is transferring their interest in the property to the grantee.

Signatures of the grantor(s) and notarization.

The date of the transfer.

After completion, the quick claim deed is submitted for recording at the county recorder's office, making it part of the public record. Recording the deed serves to notify the public of the property transfer.

Key Characteristics of Quick Claim Deeds

Absence of Warranty: Unlike other deed types, quick claim deed do not come with any warranties. They solely transfer the grantor's interest without guaranteeing the title's quality.

No Financial Transaction Required: Quick claim deeds may be employed without any financial exchange, making them suitable for gift transfers or title issue resolutions.

Limited Legal Protections: The absence of warranties in quick claim deeds means that the grantee has minimal legal recourse if title issues arise after the transfer.

Unsuitability for All Transactions: Quick claim deeds are not suitable for every real estate transaction, particularly those where a clear and marketable title is crucial.

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